The big step to the future..

Progressive company Mirax LLC  is engaged in software development in the field of augmented reality since September 2017 and offers the best solutions
in the market of the Russian Federation and the USA


Latest solutions AR / VR developments in the field of application creation and contribution to the development this structure

mobile apps

All our products intuitive and user-friendly
from the first seconds. With our simple applications, even a child will understand


We are confident in ourselves and aim at the world market. The main goal is what the whole world would know about us.

Our Projects

Mirax AR

VR-project "X" 

We are engaged in the development of applications for interior design, review of new sites and virtual tours

We are equally focused on both the development of commercial and educational projects

Mirax VR

AR-project "World X"

The world around has become too boring,
and we are striving to change it. 

Discussions, public recommendations:
play with friends and find new ones

Our goals

new technologies

We are sure that everyone should learn about new technologies.
For this we regularly hold exhibitions

Leadership in the development of AR

We strive to become the best, and we work on this every day with our team of qualified employees

Contribution to the development of VR 

Our specialists not only use ready-made technologies, and contribute to the creation of new solutions

Feedback and Contacts

We really appreciate your feedback and suggestions for cooperation. You can always call us or write to our e-mail your thoughts about developments, your idea or tell us about your project if you are considering a partnership.

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